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Server Update 8 March 2017

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◕ ◕แอดแมว(≧◡≦)

◕ ◕แอดแมว(≧◡≦)

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[Update] Crypt to 5.3
[Update] Opcode to 5.3
[Update] SM/CM packet to 5.3
[Update] Abyss Landing to 5.3
[Update] Abyss Landing to 5.3
[Update] Instance Buff to 5.3
[Update] New Siege Spawn 5.3
[Update] Item data to 5.3
[Update] NPC data to 5.3
[Update] Quest data to 5.3
[Update] Pet data to 5.3
[Update] Skill data to 5.3
[Update] Ride data to 5.3
[Update] Tribe Relation to 5.3
[Update] All portal to 5.3
[Update] Trade list to 5.3
[Update] Zone Quest to 5.3
[Update] Luna shop system.
[Update] Entry Count system.

[Added] Next Time AP Mail Reward system.
[Added] Sanctum/Pandaemonium Battlefield.
[Added] new Specialize Quest.
[Added] Global Drop system.
[Added] Friendlist Notice.
[Added] PvP system (FFA, BattleGround, PK and ladder system)
[Added] Panel Skill to event instance.
[Added] Spawn Npc Infiltration.
[Added] 5.3 GEO data.
[Added] Luna Money Chest.
[Added] Essence Core system.
[Added] Empyrean Bracelets.
[Added] F2P System.
[Added] Active Events buff system.
[Added] Occupy Count.
[Added] Check Automatic Skill system.
[Added] New stat (pvp defend physical/magical, pvp attack physical/magical)

[Fixed] Phys/Magic Stats
[Fixed] Gm panel
[Fixed] Fortress Shield 5.3
[Fixed] Aetherforging system.

[Rework] Upgrade Arcade system.
[Rework] Atreian passport system.
[Rework] Legion Shearch system.
[Rework] Golden Star Energy and Growth Aura.
[Rework] Manastone Info Entry.
[Rework] Official Tempering and manstone slot for Bracelet.

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